Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not many of you should become teachers

Today I want to reiterate the advice of James. (James 3:1) Those who teach will sustain stricter judgment. Then also, do not forget my two favorite verses, Galatians 6:7 & 2Corinthians 5:10. Many evangelical leaders, pastors and teachers are just absolutely down right smug in their certainty of their doctrinal correctness. This is in plain view of the multitude of others who are diametrically opposed to their certainty with a smug certainty of their own. Do they ever think that *ALL* will stand before the judgment seat of Christ? Do they ever see all as including themselves? Do they ever consider that what they sow in judgment and condemnation, they will certainly reap? Do they ever consider that both of my favorite verses apply to them?

I am reminded of Paul’s admonition to the Jews in Romans.  “For, as it is written, "The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you." (Rom 2:24) This could now be said of the evangelical church. The non-believers blaspheme God because of you, teacher, preacher, pastor. I hear the Lord telling me that it is long past time for someone to call to account those who smugly believe that they have the true doctrine. We would all do well to question and examine what we teach and believe.

What if what we have believed to be true all along is really the strong delusion of 2Thess 2:11? Answer this question; why is it that you do not see real transformation in the lives of people around you? Can you honestly state that people are being transformed? Or, are they in reality simply being reformed? Do their lives change by fleshly effort to adhere to a set of principles, or are they supernaturally transformed by love for God and each other? Are they motivated by duty and manipulation, or are they motivated by love, joy and peace? I would say that most would have to admit in the mirror that the motivation is duty and manipulation and not the latter. This tells us that something is radically wrong. What is wrong you ask? It has to be the teaching.

Can you even give an explanation of how true transformation works? Is it by reading the scripture and applying it? How is that different from law based obedience? Where is the mystical conversion? All of these apparent flaws are wrapped up in wrong teaching. Can I get an amen? I want this post to be an introspective exercise. I want folk to examine motives and results. I want honesty; the kind that you only get when you look square in the mirror when you are all alone. Are you sure enough about your teaching to boldly want to stand before the judgment seat of Christ?

I can assure you that if you do not see pure love as the motive you have somehow grabbed on to the wrong training, and you are passing on a false teaching plain and simple. If you do not see people being genuinely transformed by love then there is a problem. If transformation does not come from real love it is *not* the fruit of the spirit plain and simple. Holler back at me on this one!


  1. Hey Joe,
    I find no fault in this posting. is an article a dear brother wrote along the same lines of "reformation", that is, the "making better of Adam rather than his death!

    Many are preoccupied with their own intellect, rather than the true growth of the Spirit, producing Christ as our Life. Adam and Christ cannot share the same space. One must die, only one can live. John said "He must increase, I must decrease" and shortly thereafter he was beheaded! "for me to live is Christ..." "it is no longer I, but Christ.."

    This is either true or someone is lying through their teeth.

  2. Shouting back at cha your own words, and my agreement with them! HIS Spirit within witnesses to it.

    Want to thank you for sharing of the portion HE gives you to offer by way of Spiritual Tithing.

  3. The purpose of teaching is supposed to be for one to learn of God and what His will for us is. If one is teaching because they want accolades or in it for the money, SHAME ON THEM! If we are not to apply scripture to our lives then what are we basing our lives on? If we are not to follow the commandments of God, what are we to follow?

    I pray that those who are teaching and preaching are doing so in the way that will produce true disciples and that will bear good fruit. I pray that they are teaching and preaching that Yes God loves us and He showed it by sending His One and Only Son to die for us; that Jesus had a choice but because He loves us so much He took the abuse and the nailing to the cross just for us.


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