Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introductory Post; why is a paradigm shift needed?

After years of study, thoughtful reflection and, prayer I have decided to launch this new blog aimed at Evangelical Christianity. In the past, I have been argumentative in debate on various theological lists and it has lead to very little change, although, I have found that a few people have had the paradigm shift also, and perhaps in some small way it was because of something I wrote. It is to this end that I begin this project. I welcome comments and questions but, I ask that the reader reflects, searches to see if what is written seems right with what is found in the New Testament and if it bears witness with your spirit. In other words, my request is that you become a Berean to see if these things are so.

I realize that people have invested a lot of emotional capital in their various doctrinal positions and, I realize that compromise is not considered a virtue in most evangelical circles. That said, it would seem to me that a person who is earnestly seeking God and truth would be willing to invest some time with an open mind. Ask yourself, ”what can it hurt?”

The conclusions that I have reached came to me over a long period of time and study so it will be important to look at the blog posts as they develop. I will be building this paradigm shift over time. In the meantime, I will give you a heads-up on what this blog will focus on in the long run. It will cover many topics such as; how Jesus and his apostles re-defined the word of God, how they differentiated between scripture and the word of God, how they put a solely redemptive purpose on the Old Testament and New Testament writings, how the New Testament writings reflect a gradual change from the old covenant to the new covenant, how there is a gradual emphasis change from a Jew Gentile distinction to a new creation focus, what the destruction of the temple meant in terms of man’s relationship with God and, what the kingdom of God should look like today.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but, I think that some of these things will help to change the paradigm to a much more inclusive gospel that is reflective of a God who is described as being love. Hopefully as time goes on it will be evident that finding out how really gracious God truly is will transform lives and people into more ethical beings that can learn to love God, each other and, the planet. This transformation can generate ethical obedience from a loving heart set free by the gospel as opposed to legal obedience founded in fear.

In a perfect world this paradigm shift could bring about a pattern of behavior that would result in a gentler kinder world more reflective of the divine nature; A world in which humanity is able to truly love God with all of their hearts strength and to love their neighbor as themselves.

I hope you follow this blog on a regular basis and, if you happen upon it later that you go back and slowly look at it over time. May the Lord truly bless this effort and I look forward to your interaction.


  1. I'm game. I will try to follow the blog. I know I am late. I am not that scholarly, but I can give my prayerful opinions.

  2. Nice, I am all for a paradigm shift, as I am in themiddle of one!

  3. Heresy! Oops, that is the old paradigm speaking. Emotional capital is not a good investment strategy, especially coupled with doctrinal positions, but we all employ it. Tends to crowd out love. Most of our supposed virtues are only fit for the dung heap, as Paul so passionatley admonished. It is a great journey, but we too frequently regard life as a destination. Have a fun ride.

  4. How do you define Evangelical Christianity? It might help to interact with your posts if I knew how you answer that question.

    Good project. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I define evangelical Christianity for lack of a better term as all those who believe in Jesus in accordance with the classic orthodox views, i.e., the deity of Christ, salvation by faith etc. I think that the term fundamentalist is narrower than my target. I am interested in those who have embraced Christ but, have a hard time swallowing all of the dogma...that are seeing God in a bigger way and in a bigger box. I hope this helps clarify my definition.

  6. Hi Joe, I am starting from the beginning and hope to catch up very soon. I will be calling, we gave much to discuss.

  7. Yes, I'm pleased to discover your blog. Having only scratched its surface, I look forward to further exploration and dialogue.

  8. Thanks Obscuritus,
    I am especially interested in the dialogue

  9. When we see an opportunity to help make a difference in the people of God that will create in them new creations, we as His (Jesus') disciples should jump at that chance. I am looking forward to the discussions.

  10. Hey, bro, I remember reading this way back then, and I deeply appreciate your growth and where you are at today. I am trying to remember if we 'met' on the New Wine skins place or some house church place... but LOVE you deeply as your spirit is incredibly tender and your honest critic is deeply needed. Roger

    1. Yes, we met on the yahoo group New Wineskins, in about 2001 if my memory is correct. Thank you for the kind comments. I have to say that this is my vocation. I've been a Marketeer and Sales guy, a teacher, and a carpenter, three career paths over my life but studying, and writing about the pure gospel is my vocation in life.


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