Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to GIVE you the kingdom!

I watched our DVD of the movie “The Secret” a couple of times today, and it pointed out something that will help me change my MO (modus operandi.) I have been critical of evangelical doctrine and dogma, and unfortunately in so doing, have brought more of the same into many of my readers. I shall try from here forward to write about what is good, proper and motivates improvement. In other words, I will emphasize as Jesus and his followers did their new definition of the word of God and explain the redemptive focus of the scripture, and will leave the criticism to others if there is to be criticism at all.

It is fitting that we focus on this glorious promise that Jesus made in Luke 12:32. It should bring joy to our hearts and minds to realize that the God of the universe, our loving Father... by the way as Jesus assured us, has made such a grand promise. The kingdom is ours for the establishing. If it is in fact the Father’s good pleasure to GIVE us the kingdom, then it will behoove us to explore exactly what the kingdom is and what it means to be a citizen thereof.

We can rest assured that the main emphasis of this kingdom is the gospel of grace. Father God has righted the wrongs in Christ Jesus, and has restored us to the fellowship that Adam enjoyed before the fall. We once again can walk and talk with the Father in the cool or warmth of the morning, noon, afternoon or evening. We are in relationship with Him based upon the faithful act of Jesus his beloved son and our elder brother. We have been afforded a grand opportunity. We can love if we trust in the gospel message. We can find real peace with God and develop a deep and abiding love for God that we can show by loving each other.

The kingdom which the Father desires to GIVE us has only one rule. It is the rule of love. It is not a rule that must be followed, nor is it a rule that can simply be followed. We can only genuinely obey the rule of the kingdom if we actually love. It must be that we first love God, and then an offshoot of that love will be the impetus for our love for one another. Yes, my dear friend, I am afraid that we must genuinely love one another. So much so that we would be willing to lay down our lives in that love. This cannot be accomplished because we have read somewhere that it is a rule. We must genuinely first and foremost love one another. It must be in the way in which the Father and Christ have loved us. This is supernatural love, and we cannot achieve it on our own. It has to be infused into us from the Father by his Spirit, and that must needs be the result of genuinely believing the gospel. I hope you will go along with me on this journey in search of the kingdom of God.

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  1. Hey Jimbo! I know what that is like. I remember having a revelation of what "babylon" was, and I immediately left "it". In the "wilderness" I went, little did I know how many were watching me, and without revelation, hurt themselves. No anchor, nearly shipwrecked, I could only recommend they return while seeking the answer for their walk. They experienced peace and later left, after His direction. When we "see" we must follow quietly and without trying to take anyone "out" with us. It must be internal and solid, or else...disaster awaits. The same with being critical

    We must be a source of encouragement at all times, pointing to HIM. He will reveal, and always at the proper time in our walk.

    The critical "spirit" IS the snake in the Garden!

    Thanks to Him, He overcomes our faults and blesses all who follow Him out of a pure heart.

    Thank you, Joe for your realization and correction. I know that in my zeal I have hurt many, and am so thankful that HE is greater than me and my actions, and is so able to give correction/encouragement to correct all of us with a tender word to our spirit.


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