Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who do people say that I am? Christ Jesus of Nazareth, the first born unique Son of God

If you read these blogs from start to finish you will find that there are shades of new age thought in my Christian doctrine… don’t be scared. :) The reason for this is that I believe that there is some merit in a lot of new age… more eastern theology. There is one place that I adamantly disagree with new age theology, and it is focused on who Jesus of Nazareth really is. Let me state it clearly once for all time. I see Jesus as the Christ, the unique firstborn Son of God. I see him as the incarnation of God. Therefore, he is uniquely the Son of God in a way that NO OTHER person can be. I realize that there is a very mystical element to Colossians 1:27. Yes, we have Christ in us mystically via His Holy Spirit, but we are not the Christ as Jesus was and is the Christ.

We are not and never will be the redeemer. Certainly, we can aid in making people aware of the fact that they are redeemed. We are not now and never will be the reconciler. Certainly, our main mission is to proclaim that people have been reconciled to God, but God reconciled the world to himself with and in Jesus of Nazareth. We are not now nor will we ever be seated at the right hand of Majesty. In other words, Jesus of Nazareth was and is God incarnate in a way that none of us can be.

Now with that made clear I will say that we are much more powerful spiritually than most of us know and accept. There is an ALMOST infinite ability at our fingertips.  The mystical capabilities that we possess are manifestly limitless. We just do not choose to tap our natural power. I think it is because we are too afraid of new age mysticism and do not want to acknowledge some of our superpowers.

These superpowers that I speak of deal in the spiritual realm to affect the natural realm. They reside in all areas of life. They can affect healing, wealth, relationships and many other aspects of our lives. It is found in the concept in the Proverbs… as he thinks… so is he. The question becomes what does one consider important? What is the focus of the mind and heart? It is very difficult to control our thoughts but, in so doing there is great power. This is the place where new age thought can be beneficial. Especially in meditative prayer; there are many ways to pray and meditate, and mystical Christianity along with experience are an important part of our overall spiritual growth. It makes sense in my view to use some meditative principles in prayer. If you become totally relaxed you can find it easy to begin to comprehend the presence of God. After all, we are taught that we are divine because of Jesus the Christ. As he was/is in the world so are we. I challenge you to begin meditative prayer. However, keep your focus on Jesus.

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