Friday, January 23, 2015

Forty Prophecies in Forty Days #16 Eight days of supernatural favor

I will take some time out from the doctrinal prophecies to share what I hear the Lord saying about this moment in time. These last days of January 2015 will find the angels working in the heavenly realms creating an atmosphere of favor that will carry through all of 2015. It began with the New Year but it is growing steadily, and will be established in these last 8 days of January.

To partake of this favor you only need exercise your faith. That is, believe that God was indeed in Christ reconciling the world to himself. The same kind of faith that saves you is the very faith that will bring about the favor I speak of. It is a birthright for all of those born of the spirit. To receive it you simply must acknowledge it. It is a part of the redemptive plan that was conceived in the mind of the Father before the foundation of the world. So what is the faith that one must have? It is the faith that clings to, relies on, and has settled confidence in the promises of God. This is the faith of Christ. It is the faith that Christ had that justified us and redeemed us. Jesus had absolute faith in the Father and did not waiver in faith at all. While you may think that this is tough (perhaps impossible) for you, it is supernaturally received by apprehending Christ’s faith. You must like Jacob of old grab on and not let go.

Jacob is a rich source for spiritual metaphors for this period of favor. As you hold on with supernatural faith, you will be able to have the ladder experience, and you will find heaven and earth ascending and descending so that the realms will be made one. We are heavenly dwellers, and in that we bring heaven to earth. That is the operative catalyst for the kingdom. The kingdom is heaven and earth being made one. That is the meaning of thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven.

Hear this word and believe and you will begin to operate in the supernatural favor that is available. Circumstances that would not previously change will give way to new realities of well-being. We are moving into the New Jerusalem season. I heard the Lord speak the other day in the words of a Carly Simon song about the New Jerusalem… the lyrics I was reminded of were as follows: … "coming to the edge, running on the waters, coming through the fog, my sons and daughters"… We are coming through the fog, out of the fog and into the marvelous light of God’s purpose in creation. The redemption of the creature; yes, we are moving into the season of the manifest sons and daughters of God! More to come….

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