Monday, November 16, 2015

The importance of the gospel in Spirit Filled expressions of Christianity

Why was Paul’s focus on the gospel so strong? Why did he insist on knowing nothing amongst the Corinthians save Jesus Christ and Him crucified? Again, the gospel was the reason. I believe this answer might shock you but I know it is right. The gospel is important for the believer to use as a plumb line, as a level, and as transient to keep the lines straight. Otherwise, it is easy to get unbalanced. That’s right, the gospel keeps the believer balanced in the Spirit.

Most, if not all expressions of Christianity is unbalanced because the gospel is not made the top priority, is not kept in focus, and is not the overriding force in Spiritual experience. For the purposes of this article you have essentially two factions. One I will call Spirit-Filled and the other I will call cessationists. Both of these groups have lost proper focus because of not putting the gospel first and foremost. Yes, it must always be first, and yes it must always be foremost. If one does not have the gospel first and foremost it is easy to fall into either spiritualism which leads to witchcraft, or dead letter Christianity whereby the accuser of the brethren himself creates a dead religion. Don’t get me wrong, the so called Spirit-Filled group works for the accuser as well. Both groups perpetuate accusation and bondage.

If you attend a spirit filled group, you will undoubtedly encounter spiritualism that is not in and of the Holy Spirit, and if you attend a cessationist group you will undoubtedly encounter judgmentalism that is not in and of the Holy Spirit. The only thing that will combat this is having the gospel of Jesus Christ be put first and foremost. When the gospel is first and foremost then you will automatically have Spirit-filled saints that are balanced, level and straight forward. So what is the gospel then?

The gospel is summed up in the following: God has reconciled humanity to himself and is not imputing sin. God is our Father and loves us as a perfect Father would love Children. God has adjudicated humanity just and right by the sacrifice of Jesus. God wants us to embrace this truth, and put complete trust and faith in Him. The believer IS the righteousness of God in Christ. Nothing else will help us gain right standing with God, any obedience we ever have results from believing the gospel and resting in God’s grace. If you want chapter and verse get a hold of me by email or comments. If you read your bible a lot you will know that what I have written is right and the Spirit of God will bear witness with your spirit that it is..

Without the gospel being always in the forefront, FIRST and FOREMOST. You end up with spiritualism where prophets and prophetsesses become accuser’s of the brethren or dead assemblies where the book is worshipped as an idol and used to accuse the brethren night and day. By brethren, I mean both brothers and sisters. I use the word because it is the most familiar to those who hold the KJV bible in hightest esteem… let me repeat this, if you want chapter and verse contact me, and if you read much at all you know this is right!

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