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The New Jerusalem Equals the New Covenant: Part 2

Revelation 21:2-3 HCSB "I also saw the Holy City, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared like a bride adorned for her husband. (3) Then I heard a loud voice from the throne: Look! God's dwelling is with humanity, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God."

The first post in this series can be read here. If you have not read it I would strongly suggest that you take a look at it as this is a continuation of a series. The premise of this series is that (1) the new heavens and earth, the New Jerusalem, is the New Covenant, and (2) that from the destruction of the temple forward, the new heaven and earth, the New Jerusalem and the New Covenant have been completely available to anyone willing to believe it was/is a present reality. I used the illustration of the person who had $10,000,000.00 deposited in an account in their name. All they would need to spend the money would be identification, however, if one did not know that the account existed or did not believe it existed, it would really not benefit them rich as they were.

One does not have to wait for a future date for Revelation 21:2-3 to come to pass as it is already a reality. Paul told us in Galatians 4:24-26, that the New Jerusalem was the mother of us all and a current reality at the time of the writing of the epistle. Where is God's dwelling place? It is among men. How you ask. The answer is the indwelling Holy Spirit. That was God's desire from the calling of Israel. Exodus 25:8 HCSB "They are to make a sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them." God dwelling with humanity was always a part of His plan.

Isaiah 66:1 HCSB "This is what the LORD says: Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. What house could you possibly build for Me? And what place could be My home?" Well, from the Incarnation forward, God actually dwelt among men in the temple of a human body. The first fruit, was Jesus, and because of the resurrection and the Holy Spirit, God now dwells in the body of believers. God's temple on earth is made up of lively stones. How many times have you heard a preacher say it is good to be in the house of the Lord today. Well, it is only the Lord's house when spirit filled saints are in attendance. Otherwise it is merely a building made of bricks, or wood, or concrete.

The truth of the matter is this; with a saint, the temple of God goes wherever they go. However, it is important to realize that the New Jerusalem, the New Heaven and Earth are a right now every day reality. It is not something that one has to wait for. Furthermore, according to Paul it is not the physical Jerusalem in Palestine/Israel. Galatians 4:25 HCSB "Now Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children." Paul also says that the Jerusalem from above, made up of spirit filled believers is free, and is the mother of us all, "us all" being all those believing the gospel of Christ Jesus.

So what you ask? Well the New Jerusalem should be sharing and expanding and growing the love of Christ in the world today. Not in the way that conservative evangelicals are trying to do. Not by legislation, but by the "real pristine gospel" of Jesus. The one that promotes reconciliation to God by the finished work of Christ. The one that promotes the Sabbath Rest in the finished work of Christ. The one that assures people they have been reconciled to God by Christ.

I will have more to say about this in the next post. Thanks for reading this one. Share it and comment.

I want to include all of the posts in this series so that you can read it as a series.

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