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Preachers Must Only Preach the Gospel; 1Corinthians 2:2

A brief word at the beginning of each post will help keep the purpose of these posts in mind as this blog goes forward. If you haven’t read the introductory post, I suggest that you take the time to do it before reading on. I am keeping the posts short so that they can be quickly read and digested. It is my hope that you will reflect on these articles and put them to the test. When you encounter something that seems counter to everything you have been taught or know to be true…remember the assignment….smile…be a Berean. This is the most important thing to do; test it and see if what I am saying is true by scripture in context.

In the last post we gave an overall view of what the redemptive focus means to the church and church doctrine. Here we want to reinforce the idea of the gospel focus for the scripture. And continue on with this thread for a while yet.

Preachers should always, only preach the gospel. What am I saying here? I am simply saying that every time a preacher or pastor gets into the pulpit he/she should only and, always preach the gospel. Teaching is not a function that should take place in the pulpit. Bible study is the place for teaching but preaching by definition is a function of proclaiming the gospel message.

The gospel message is as good for the seasoned saint as it is for the novice or non-believer, Hearing the gospel as it exists in the entire scripture will strengthen the faith of the body and, develop the love for God that will translate into obedience and transformation. The gospel is God’s ordained method for transforming lives and, it is important for the saint to hear it regularly. Just think back to how much you rejoice every time you hear the gospel message afresh. It is richly found in the Old Testament as well as the new. In fact, I think that gospel messages preached from the Old Testament are even more love inspiring than ones in the New Testament.

The gospel message is the source of real praise and worship. The idea expressed in John’s first letter that it is God’s love for us and not our love for God that brings about real love for God which is the source of all worship. You cannot truly love God unless you are aware of His love for you and there is no other way to express God’s love than by preaching the gospel.

Churches would do well to have their praise and worship services after hearing the gospel. I have found that the praise that flows from hearing the gospel is genuine and not fabricated by emotional hype but rather, generates from a deep appreciation and love for God. Remember, we love him because he first loved us and how can we know that without hearing the gospel. The gospel brings about faith for; faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (the gospel).

This is undoubtedly why Paul said the following: 1Co 2:1-2  And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God.  (2)  For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.


  1. I love this as always, as it is well expressed and presented. How will we (believers of the Word) know to Love and trust Him without understanding God's Word. It is the beginning of experiencing the wisdom of Christ. The truth of the matter is through time and experience you will know when the Word of God is delivered. We truly have to watch when the emphasis is on the speaker, I'll say ministering through "isms," it takes away from the text. True Gospel preaching is acknowledging just what the scripture says - whether bitter, sweet or correcting. During the time we sat under your teachings I have to say I learned with a keener ear to decipher the scripture. To me it is without conscious or let's say "dangerous" to deliver in any other manner than what He (the Spirit) is saying to the Church. God Bless You and please continue teaching the truth, it is enlightening to the heart and most importantly, it rightly divides the truth. I have friends that I have referred to your blog. Again, God Bless you in the new year and Happy New Year to you and Sonya. Take Care. Deborah Wanzo

  2. Douglas Rashad RountreeApril 12, 2010 at 10:47 PM


  3. Just as Brother Paul "decided to concentrate only on Jesus Christ and His death on the cross, for he could have easily gave them "lofty words and brilliant ideas to tell of God's message",
    we too must decide the importance of our words and our decisions. Are we really disciples of Jesus Christ, and if so we should spread the good news of Christ allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our words (His words).

    Valid point made about having praise and worship after the gospel. If the only way you can praise God is by way of music or singing or you need that music jump start, you truly do not know how good your Father is because no one should have to pump you up for you to praise and worship Him.


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