Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where am I going with this blog anyway? More on the purpose of the blog

Well, this will be the eighth post since this blog began and I would like to take the time to recap and review where we have gone so far and, to give an idea of where we are going and why. Thus far, we have looked at what the New Testament says about the phrases, the word of God and, the word of truth. We have found that the term refers to either Jesus or the gospel and we have yet to find a reference where it means scripture. If you haven’t read the introductory post, I suggest that you take the time to do it before reading on. I am keeping the posts short so that they can be quickly read and digested. It is my hope that you will reflect on these articles and put them to the test. When you encounter something that seems contrary to everything you have been taught or know to be true…remember the assignment….smile…be a Berean. This is the most important thing to do; test it and see if what I am saying is true by scripture in context.

Am I trying to belittle the scripture? Am I trying to downplay its value? God forbid! I believe that the scripture is God breathed, inspired, will make one wise unto salvation through faith in Christ and, profitable for doctrine, reproof, instruction in righteousness etc. However, it is only profitable in view of the redemption that God has freely provided humanity.

It is not profitable as a law book. It is not a book that should put the saint in constant fear of disobedience. When it is used that way it is used erroneously. When it is readily referred to as the word of God; it then, appears to have a force that it was not meant to have. This is not to say that one cannot and should not take the ethical messages of the bible and try to apply them to their lives….they should. But, if you link obedience and salvation as the bench mark then, you distort the value of the scripture and end up making it a law that kills the spiritual life and love of the saint.

It is too easy to create an environment whereby people are motivated by fear and not love. Sadly, this is the state of far too many evangelical fellowships today. A proper understanding of the gospel, redemption and, putting the scripture in its proper role will go a long way toward alleviating this problem. This is where the gospel comes into its supreme importance. It assures the saint, casts out all fear and torment and, prepares their hearts and minds to properly love God. It is from love for God that proper obedience flows. Paul called it the obedience of faith.

So here is the first solid clue of where I am going with this blog…I am showing that Jesus and his disciples put the focus on the gospel because that is what he wanted emphasized. In other words, the gospel is the catalyst…it is the engine driving the entire Christian experience.

I would appreciate any comments or questions so feel free to participate and, I would like to encourage you to look at the other posts in this blog.

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  1. God wants us to study to shew ourselves approved, so with this in mind these blogs are not only showing us how we can and do misinterpret "the word of God", but it is also teaching us, allowing us to grow even more in the Lord. We will be able to spread the good news of the gospel with much more confidence and clarity.


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