Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Book Will Change Your World; An introductory book review of Kevin Beck’s Free eBook: Part I

The introductory post explains the purposes, goals and scope of this blog. If you have not read it, I suggest you start there and then, look through the posts to get a feeling for where I have gone and where I am going. But, if you don’t have the time, feel free to read this post alone. However, the blog is meant to be a series and so if you find it interesting you can go back and read it or, if you would prefer you can download a PDF of the entire blog. This PDF will be updated every Saturday so that it will have the entire blog, from first post to last, through the latest Saturday. (Joe Machuta)

Kevin Beck has written a gem entitled This Book Will Change Your World. What’s more, you can get it as an eBook for free! It is an informative and enjoyable read…I couldn’t put it down. It deals with how we read and understand scripture and posits an eschatological point of view that brings forth the kingdom of God in its full glory. Below is a quote from the first chapter “The beginning of the end.”

“We live in amazing times. Education and communication have given people ready access to information. Today we can see that no one holds a monopoly on Scripture or the way it is read. Five hundred years ago you might have been tortured if you dared to propose an alternative to the accepted view. Three hundred years ago you might have been banished to Rhode Island. A generation ago, you might have been sent a letter of disfellowship.

But today we live in a pluralistic world. You have freedom of conscience to read the Biblical story in ways that resonate with your inner self. In fact, as someone who believes in loving God with heart, mind, soul, and strength I’m convinced that we’re at our best (even our most faithful) when we exercise our God-given gifts of questioning, thinking, and searching. We don’t do God or ourselves any favors when we let someone else think on our behalf.” (Kevin Beck, page 10-11)

We should be Bereans. I know, I say that all the time…but it is true. I am introducing this book in hopes that you will take the time to read it. It is only 137 pages and as I mentioned above, in eBook form, it’s free. It has an eschatological view that sees the fulfillment of all things in the first century and therefore, remains faithful to the original message of the New Testament writings. We have already begun looking at the imminence of the New Testament writings and, this little book explains it in a very thoughtful and easy to understand manner.

Kevin offers a new and fresh way to read the bible. It is a way that emphasizes the revelation that the apostle John relayed in his first epistle…the revelation that God is love/agape. He has developed a couple of new words that I like a lot, i.e., agapeology and agapetheism. He sees the bible as the source of understanding God’s purpose in love; love for God and, love for humanity.

Over the next few posts that deal with imminence and the significance of 70CE, I will refer to this book from time to time and will share a venn diagram that puts the covenantal transition into a very understandable graphic. My advise is take the time to get a copy and read it for yourself!

This post is written with the permission of Kevin Beck.

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  1. Mr. Beck was absolutely right when he said we do not do ourselves any favors when we allow someone else to think for us. My message to all every time I get the opportunity is to know God for yourself; read His word and establish your own relationship with Him.


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