Saturday, January 2, 2010

What if the Strong Delusion of 2Thessalonians was Already Here?

A brief word at the beginning of each post will help keep the purpose of these posts in mind as this blog goes forward. If you haven’t read the introductory post, I suggest that you take the time to do it before reading on. I am keeping the posts short so that they can be quickly read and digested. It is my hope that you will reflect on these articles and put them to the test. When you encounter something that seems counter to everything you have been taught or know to be true…remember the assignment….smile…be a Berean. This is the most important thing to do; test it and see if what I am saying is true by scripture in context.

Church history provides some interesting food for thought. For example, during the last one thousand, nine hundred and eighty years there has only been four hundred and ninety-two years of protestant doctrine. The evangelical movement is much younger. It began in Britain in the 1730’s making it about two hundred and eighty years old. What this means is that there has only been a relatively short period of time that evangelical doctrine has been around. It has gone from four basic denominations, (Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and, the Assyrian Church) to what is estimated by Wikipedia to be 38,000 denominations today; many of which, will not share communion nor, accept that the others are even legitimately Christian. And, most of these denominations have come on the scene in the last fifty years. All but four have begun since the reformation which means that for fourteen hundred years there were only four.

How did these divisions come about? The simple answer to this question is biblical interpretation. That’s right, the denominations split over biblical interpretation. Interestingly enough, many of these groups claim that it is impossible to be saved if one adheres to the others doctrines.

Here is something else remarkable….each one of these denominations adhere to a strict biblical view and consider that the bible and the word of God are synonymous. Not unlike the Pharisees of the first century, these groups study the bible continuously and develop scholars that spend all of their time in developing doctrine. Very few if any, use the redemptive hermeneutical lens that Jesus and his followers used and, none of them differentiate between the scripture and the word of God the way He did. Is there a possible connection?

It will take some time to build a connection but, I think it can be made. Let me ask some seemingly wild... what if... questions as food for thought as this blog progresses. What if the prophesies in the New Testament were fulfilled during that time, the first century? What if the end of the age was the end of the Old Covenant age? What if the New Heaven and New Earth was a metaphor for the New Covenant? What if the New Heaven and New Earth have been available in full force, by faith, since 70AD? And, what if Christianity as we know it today is the strong delusion?

I know that this poses some very facinating questions. And, I can assure you that there are some interesting answers but, I can also assure you that it will take time to develop and offer proof for them.  And, that is precisely what I plan to do over the next 354 days remaining on this year long blog project and, I plan to do it in a very methodical way.

So I invite you to follow being a Berean….that’s all I can ask. 

I can read your thoughts…”do you mean to say that Christianity has been the strong delusion for roughly one thousand, nine hundred and forty years?”… Yes, that is precisely what I mean! That does not mean that people have not been saved nor, do not have personal relationships with Christ Jesus. Certainly they have. I have, and, I am sure that you have…However, there is an easier, more peace filled way to abide in Christ. It is in his kingdom, in the new heaven and earth, completely under the new covenant.

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